Police Clearance Certificate in Ghaziabad

Want to know what is Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and why PCC is required. You landed at the right place. Read on.
Anyone applying for immigration or visas to foreign countries i.e. outside India are often faced with the daunting task of having to supply the new foreign country with a record of their criminal activities. Finding information on how to obtain these records can be intimidating and time consuming.
What is a Police Clearance Certificate?
Whatever they call the certificate, whether it is copy of conviction record, behavior certificate, certificates of good conduct or criminal clearance,it boils down to the same thing - the country where applicants apply for a visa or immigration wants to know what the applicant's criminal history is. In other words, that country wants to know if there were any convictions recorded against the person's name, and if so, the details of such convictions.
In essence, a police clearance certificate is an official document, issued by the police service of the relevant country, certifying the criminal record of the applicant. Usually the clearance certificate is issued on official, watermarked paper, bears the official stamp of the police service from that country and is signed by an authorized government official.
Police Clearance Certificate can be obtained either from Passport Office by filing Form-2 or by applying to concerned SSP Office. In Ghaziabad SSP office is located in Raj Nagar adjacent to Collectorate.

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